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Questions about Lawrenceville Fence

1. What areas does Lawrenceville Fence service?
Answer: We service all of North Georgia, Metro Atlanta and parts of Middle Georgia.

2. How long has Lawrenceville Fence in business?
Answer: We have been providing Residential and Commercial Fence solutions throughout the Atlanta Georgia area since 1984. We are one of the area’s top fence contractors.

3. Is Lawrenceville Fence licensed and insured?
Of course. Our insurance is with Travelers and we have a million dollars worth of commercial liability and a million dollars of worker’s compensation.

4. Does Lawrenceville Fence provide free estimates?
Answer: YES. However, to save time and money, as stated, Lawrenceville Fence Company does not employ salespeople, therefore, Dave would simply have to schedule your estimate in between fence jobs. But, in a lot of cases, if the customer knows what kind of fence they want and the amount, you can get an estimate over the phone immediately.

5. What are Lawrenceville Fence payment options?Answer: Lawrenceville Fence will work with any customer to get their fence installed. Generally, however, we do not finance a fence for any more than 3 months. Under  these terms, the customer will pay one third when the fence is completed; another third in 30 more days and the remaining third in 30 additional days. It is understood, however, that the fence, i.e., the materials are the property of Lawrenceville Fence until the fence is paid in full.

6. What types of fencing does Lawrenceville Fence supply and install?
Answer: Lawrenceville Fence install all types of fence.

7. When do you pay  for your fence?
Answer: You, the customer will never be asked to pay any money up front, reagrdless of the size of your job. However, the total amount of the fence is due at the time of completion, unless other terms have been made. The only time a person is ever asked to pay any money, prior to the comnpletion of the fence, is when the materials are special ordered.

8. Wood Fence Facts:
Wood fences come in many forms; privacy, picket, split rail, horse fence. Also, wood fences will vary in the types of wood one may chose. Such as pressure treated pine. This wood is a good, cost effective, resistant to rot and decay, will repeal bugs and insects and durable wood. However, it has several drawbacks, such as it will warp, crack, split and change colors. Also, on privacy fences, when the fence is originally installed, the boards will be tight against one another. However, after the boards dry out, there will be gaps between the boards. Nothing in the world will prevent this. On the other hand, cedar wood will remain straight and will not warp. However, contrary to most people’s opinion, cedar wood will   rot rather quickly (3 to 5 years). Also, cedar wood is not resistant to rot and bugs can destroy it also. Cedar split rail will likewise rot and decay after a few years. If you want a good split rail fence, you should request Pressure Treated Pine posts. This type of wood will not rot while in contact with the ground. Wood fences are similar to your house; if you want your fence to remain looking good, it will need to be cared for, such as, staining, painting or just pressure washing it occasionally. Wood gates need to remain closed and in the latched position or if the wind blows the gate shut, after numerous times, this will get the latch out of adjustment and your gate will not work properly.

9. What About A Vinyl Fence: Vinyl fences look great when they are new. However, after a vinyl fence has been installed, particularly when they are in the shade, the fence will attract mold and mildew almost immediately and to keep the clean appearance will require constant maintenance. Salesmen (which Lawrenceville Fence does not employ) will tell you, the customer, that vinyl fences are maintenance free. This is not true. Also, the weather, heat and cold will also cause the vinyl fence problems. In extreme heat a vinyl fence will bend and warp.  After the vinyl fence has been in the heat and sun for several years, the fence will become very brittle and crack and break very easily.

10. Has Your Fence Been Damaged In A Storm Or By A Vehicle?

First, until you have had an estimate on your fence, you should not contact your insurance company. Why? Generally, your fence can be repaired for less than what your deductable would be. Secondly, if you contact your insurance company and then find out your fence can be repaired for less than your deductable, your insurance company will still count your contact with the insurance company as a claim. In most cases, insurance companies will cancel your insurance after three claims. If this happens to you, it will be very hard to get homeowners insurance again.

11. What About Your Warranty? Lawrenceville Fence has been conducting business for more than 30 years  —  you simply do not stay in business for this  amount of time by not standing behind your work and materials. However, a lot of fence companies will tell the customer “we will give you a 20 year warranty on your fence if you sign a contract with us.” Think about this: Your home cost approximtely $300,000.00, the builder will generally give you either a 12 or 24 month warranty. Then, you purchase a fence for $2,000.00 and get a 20 year warranty  —  does that make sense? Of course not. Lawrenceville Fence will give you a 24 month warranty on your fence. Most fence companies that give a 20 year warranty go bankrupt because of the large number of lawsuits that they face because they will not stand behind their warranty and then you, the customer will have no warranty at all.  Lawrenceville Fence will stand behind its work  — plain and simple.

12. What About Vinyl Fence? Is It Really Maintence Free? Vinyl fence requires more maintence that any other fence on the market today. It looks great immediately after it is installed, however, if your vinyly fence is in the shade it will collect mold and mildew almost immediately. Further, after several years of being exposed to the elements, i.e., cold, heat and sun, the fence will become very brittle and will break and crack at the slightest contact. Also, in the extreme heat, the vinyl fence will bend, and then in the cool nights, the vinyl fence rails will remain in a “bow” shape. Also, if you concrete the vinyl posts in the ground, the cement will cause the posts, at the ground, to become extremely brittle and the posts will break.

13. The Truth Or What You Want To Hear?  A person does not stay in business for more than 30 years by not being truthful with the people he does business with. 99% of the fence companies that conducts business in and around Atlanta have only been in business for several years. Many of these people have been laid off from their regular job because of the bad economy, and of course they have to make a living like everyone else. However, if you, the consumer/customer, allows a person or company to install your fence simply because their price is cheaper, you may not be able to locate this person or company in a year or two, as they more than likely have gone back to their regular job or found other employment. Dave Holland, the owner of Lawrenceville Fence has worked, during his more than 30 years in this business for Allied Fence Company; Martin Robbins Fence Company; Sears (installing fence); Chamblee Fence Company; Atlas Fence Company; Circle A Fence; Marietta Fence Company. Also, Dave has and remains to purchase his fence materials from Circle A Fence in Conyers, Georgia, his fence supplier for more than 20 years. Don’t allow a person to install your fence simply because they tell you what you want to hear  — you deserve to be told the truth. Let Dave tell you the pro’s and con’s about your fence project and you can benefit from Dave’s experience and knowledge.

14. Be Aware Of Other Fence Companies Using Names Similar To Lawrenceville Fence Company: A number of unethical characters in and around Lawrenceville, Georgia, who have ripped off so many people that they cannot make a living using their real name, thus, they will use a name or web address very similar to, in an attempt to bring business to them. It is a shame, but the law does not prevent these scam artists from attempting to rip off the public. Before you buy, make sure you ask to speak to Dave W. Holland, the first and only owner of the original  Lawrenceville Fence Company and not some person who has deceived so many people he or she cannot make an honest living.