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Metal Fence

Lawrenceville Fence uses premium metal products to create metal fence structures that are durable and long lasting. We, Lawrenceville Fence Company, generally prefers to install only Ameristar Steel Fence. Why? Because the quality is far beyond any other ornamental fence product on the market. Generally, Ameristar Fence is a little more expensive than other ornamental fences, but the cost is well worth it. Cheaper, aluminum fence will sag, are easily bent if you hit it with your lawnmower or, even if a small tree limb falls on it. Also, cheaper fences will chip the powder coating off very easily.  Buying a  fence is just like buying a car, you get what you pay for.  Just because a fence has a cheaper price on it, certainly does not mean it is a better fence.  Contact us today to find more information about Metal Fence Solutions from Lawrenceville Fence.  Call Dave Holland at 770-925-3245, cell, 770-595-6069 or e-mail Don’t let a saleperson tell you, all fences are the same quality  —  if they were, they all would cost the same.

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