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Ornamental Fence

Metal Or Ornamental Fences:

Lawrenceville Fence uses premium ornamental fence products to create Ornamental Fence structures that are durable and long lasting. Lawrenceville Fence Company has installed all types of ornamental fences, including many with electric gates and single gates with electric magnet latches. We have installed numerous cantilever (slide) gates with electric motors for storage facilities and electric magnet closing gate for numerous bonded warehouse.

When a person is seeking to have an “ornamental fence” installed, today’s ornamental fence is nothing similar to the old ornamental fence of yesteryear. Today’s ornamental fence is powder coated — not painted, therefore it will never rust. Further, the pickets are not welded in, they are riveted in and the rivets are not visible from any direction.

However, one must be advised that there are more than 1000 producers of ornamental fence in today’s market. Ameristar®, however, is the largest and oldest with its main office in Oklahoma. Also, ornamental fence comes in either aluminum or steel. Common sense will tell you that aluminum is not as strong as steel. However, on the other hand, generally speaking, aluminum fence is not as expensive as steel fence. Some fence companies will encourage you to have the aluminum fence installed as it is cheaper, therefore, encouraging you to go ahead and let that company install your fence because their bid is less than his competitors — his competitor encouraged you to use steel. Thus, you have gotten what you paid for — an inexpensive, cheap fence. Aluminum gates, over time, will sag and if you bump into the aluminum fence with your lawnmower, you will bend it. Also, I have seen personally heavy duty weed eaters bend the pickets when they are hit cutting the grass under the fence. Lawrenceville Fence can supply you all of the different name brands of ornamental fence such as: Delgard, Spec Rail; Merchants Metals; Fortress, Foster and others. Some of the ornamental fence is cheaper than others and of course, you get what you pay for. But, if you are not going to stay at your residence for a long period of time, it would make sense to only intsall a cheap fence.

But, if you would like an independent opinion about the differences in quality, please see:


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