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What About Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl Fence, clearly looks great, initially. However, over a period of time, vinyl fence will collect mold and mildew and require constant cleaning. Most salespeople will tell you that vinyl fence is “maintenance free”, nothing could be farther from the truth. Further, vinyl fence, after being exposed to the weather, hot and cold will take its toll on your vinyl fence. Extreme heat will cause the fence to lose its shape and the cold will cause the fence to become extremely brittle. If your vinyl fence is going around a swimming pool, and your pool is in the open sun, then your fence more than likely will not attract mold and mildew. But, a vinyl fence will not tolerate abuse as it, (i.e., the thickness of the materials) is not made for security. If your vinyl fence is installed with concrete (as it should be) the vinyl fence, at the ground, will also become very brittle and could break if it is hit or a person attempts to climb the fence. Vinyl fence comes in several different grades, and while some vinyl fence is cheap, a real good quality vinyl fence can be rather expensive. You the consumer, has to be the decision maker on what you want and need. But, keep in mind, if you have children, and the vinyl fence is surrounding a swimming pool, your fence could face abuse. Salesmen will not tell you these facts as they only care about their commission, not your post installation satisfaction. Remember, Lawrenceville Fence does not employ salepeople.