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Wood Fence

Lawrenceville Fence uses premium wood products to create wood fence structures that are durable and long lasting. However, when choosing to install a wood fence, the customer will have to make the decision of what type of wood to buy. Different types of wood respond to the weather differently. Such as, Pressure Treated Pine will warp, crack, split, change colors but will not rot or decay. On the other hand, cedar will not warp, but it will rot very quickly. The average life of a cedar fence is about a third of Pressure Treated Pine.

Sealing the fence with such products as stain, paint or some good quality  water treatment will help keep the new appearance of your fence. These sealers will not allow water, i.e., rain to soak into the boards and then dry out over and over again  —  this is what causes boards to warp and crack. A fence is just like your home, to keep it in a nice appearance, it will require work.

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